Do more faster

This book is recently released. I did not expect a lot from this book. However, while reading it, it gave lots of things to further think about and gave me ideas on how I should behavior in doing business.

The followings are useful phrases from the book.

Ideas are worthless.
Do not overvalue ideas. It is much harder to execute than come up with an brilliant idea.
In this respect, do not trust those who are reluctant to share her ideas. That means they value ideas too much.

Do not make a perfect service.
You cannot make a perfect service from the beginning. Release your service first, and collect users’ feedback. Then, reflect them on your service, and upgrade it ASAP, iteratively. That is THE rule that web services become successful.

Define exactly what is the problem. Then provide features that solve the problem. Stay focusing on those kinds of features. Do not distract. In other words, do not waste your energy implementing features that users do not care about or make the service complicated.

Communication rules!
You shall get feedback from users.
Build your ideas with your co-founders. It is better to have co-founders who have got different academic/career backgrounds.
Share your ideas with your mentors. Frequently communicate with them. Listen what they say. Remember there’s always wrong things on what you do.

Do more faster
Starting business is all about doing. Implement what you think and get feedback.

Use what’s free
Balsamiq for screen prototyping [Update 2011-3-27: it’s no more free.]
DimDim for web meetings
DropBox for file storage and sharing
Evernote for organizing tidbits of information
Gist for keeping on top of your contacts
GitHub for source code sharing
Jing for screencasting
MogoTest for making sure your applications look greant on every browser
Pivotal Tracker for issue tracking
SendGrid for e-mail delivery
SnapAbug for chatting with customers who visit your web site
Wilio for audio conferencing and phone and SMS services
Vanilla for hosting great forum for you community

Update 2011-05-26:
MockingBird is good for prototyping


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